Research Fellowships

Bianchi-Bugge Award

john bugge
The Bianchi-Bugge Award is named for Eugene Bianchi (left), professor of religion emeritus, and John Bugge (right), professor of English emeritus. Both were co-founding members of the Emeritus College. Bianchi was its first director. The award supports a variety of projects that promote the public good.  


Dalia Judovitz, National Endowment of the Humanities Professor of French Emerita

To assist with procuring photo and museum rights and reproductions in US and Europe for a chapter Embodying Value: Representing Monday in the Early Modern Period

Carol Newsom, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Old Testament Emerita

To support a publication project on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Steve Nowicki, Charles Howard Candler Professor Emeritus

To assist with participation in a longitudinal study of children and parents (ALSPAC) based in Bristol, England


Oded Borowski, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Archaeology and Hebrew

To aid in financial support for processing and preparing a publication of archaeological fieldwork in Tel Halif


No award given


Judith Rohrer, Associate Professor of Art History Emerita

To help complete a book, La Nova Escola Catalana: Arquitecturea I Politica en la Barcelon Modernista, 1888–1910


Dana Green, Dean Emerita, Oxford College

To help complete the biography The Inward War: A Life of Elizabeth Jennings 

Katherine Mitchell, Senior Lecturer Emerita, Visual Arts Department

Funding for support of a solo exhibition at the Turchin Center of Appalachian State University, Boone, N.C.


David Eltis, Professor of History Emeritus

For travel to Cambridge, Massachusetts for induction into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and for research at Harvard University

Al Padwa, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus

Support for undergraduate students working in his lab in the Department of Chemistry


Dorinda Evans, Professor of Art History Emerita

For help with two illustrations for publication and for further research on Philadelphia artist Raphaelle Peale

John T. Juricek, Professor of History Emeritus

For help completing a book, Endgame for Empire in the Southeast: British-Creek Relations in Georgia and Vicinity, 1763–1776 

Gretchen Schulz, Professor of English Emerita, Oxford College

Funding to attend the Annual Conference of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies and for the presentation of two papers at Michigan State University


Jon Gunnermann, Professor of Social Ethics Emeritus, Candler School of Theology

To help complete a book, Spirit and Capital: Thinking Theology and Economy Together

Russ, Richey, Dean Emeritus of the Candler School of Theology and the William R. Cannon Distinguished Professor of Church History Emeritus

To help complete a book, Methodism and the American Forest

Heilbrun Distinguished Emeritus Fellowships

Heilbrun Fellowships are funded by a generous contribution from the family of Professor of Psychology Emeritus Alfred B. Heilbrun Jr. Open to emeriti faculty in the Arts and Sciences, these fellowships carry a stipend of $10,000 and provide an opportunity to continue research and scholarship in retirement. Emory College of Arts and Sciences solicits applications for this award each spring.

Applications are solicited by the dean of Emory College Arts and Sciences by mid-January with application materials due by April 1.

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Rosemary Magee, Director Emerita, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archive, and Rare Book Library


Oded Borowski, Asa Griggs Chandler Professor of Biblical Archaeology and Hebrew Emeritus

Kristin Mann, Professor of History Emerita


Ann Hartle, Professor of Philosophy Emerita

John Lucchesi, Asa Griggs Chandler Professor of Biology Emeritus


Ron Gould, Goodrich C. White Professor of Mathematics Emeritus

Larry Taulbee, Professor of Political Science Emeritus


Ron Schuchard, Professor of English Emeritus


Paul Courtright, Professor of English Emeritus


Corinne Katz, Professor of Anthropology Emeritus

Rudolf Makkreel, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus


David Eltis, Professor of History Emeritus

Sidney L. Kasfir, Professor of Art History Emeritus


Stephen Nowicki, Professor of Psychology Emeritus

Al Padwa, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus


Dorinda Evans, Professor of Art History Emerita

Clark Poling, Professor of Art History Emeritus

Don Saliers, Professor of Theology and Liturgy Emeritus


Herbert W. Benario, Professor of Classics Emeritus

Matthew Morris, Professor of English Emeritus, Oxford College


Martin Buss, Professor of Religion Emeritus


Dana Greene, Dean Emerita, Oxford College

Theodore Weber, Professor of Social Ethics Emeritus


Robert Detweiler, Professor Emeritus, ILA

David Hesla, Professor Emeritus, ILA


Lawrence Clever, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus

Robert Kysar, Professor of Religion Emeritus


Clyde Partin, Professor Emeritus, Health and Physician Education and School of Medicine


Brenda Bynum, Senior Lecturer Emerita, Department of Theater Studies

Robert Stillman, Professor of History Emeritus


Eugene Bianchi, Professor of Religion Emeritus

Jacob Goldstein, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus


William Dillingham, Professor of English Emeritus

Abbott Ferriss, Professor of Sociology Emeritus


Herbert W. Benario, Professor of Classics Emeritus

Alfred Heilbrun, Professor of Psychology Emeritus